Disruptive Startups: Keen.io founder Kyle Wild ($11.3 million Series A)

Kyle Wild

Hello Disruptive Startups,

Joining us on July 14th is Kyle Wild - CEO of Keen IO.

Keen IO is the leading cloud analytics platform that helps businesses collect, store, pipe, and analyze custom data. Their analytics platform and API makes it easier than ever to follow metrics that matter to you and your business. Some businesses that have adapted Keen's platform have seen up to 133% increase in viewership!

Since its founding in 2011, Keen has raised more than $15M from prolific investors such as Sequoia Capital and Pelion Venture Partners. They serve a diverse base of over 3,000 customers in categories like mobile, gaming, adTech, retail, IoT, and e-commerce. The company’s cloud analytics also manages trillions of critical business data points every month for companies such as OpenDNS/Cisco, Adobe, unity, EMC, O'Reilly Media, and Usertesting. 

Come out Thursday night to hear how Keen's platform can integrate into your own website, app, or service so you can start saving time and money, and separate your business from your respective industries.

**A FREE Startup Ready Workshop worth $2,997 will be given away!

See you there!

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    Disruptive Startups: Keen.io founder Kyle Wild ($11.3 million Series A)

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What else will you learn here?

‘Disruptive Startups’ is an event made for growth focused entrepreneurs and startups. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn, network with potential investors and founders and have a bit of fun!

  • Start-Up Education
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  • Raising Capital
  • Pitch Nights for Start-Ups and Investors
  • Successful stories from Entrepreneurs and much much more!

Door Prize: Startup Ready Workshop

We know that raising capital for your initial product is one of the most difficult processes that prevents entrepreneurs from taking their app idea and making it a reality. That’s why we created a 2 day intensive bootcamp called: Startup Ready. It aims to give you best-practices across three critical subject domains that potential founders need to masters in order to raise capital.

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